Owen Hardy/Screaming Gophers Elimination Chart
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member Geoff, 1st place
Lowest Ranking Member Ezekiel, 21st place
Advanced to Studio Drama 9
Advanced to Global Drama 9
Team Selected By Chris McLean

The Screaming Gophers are one of two teams this season, consisting of DJEzekielGeoffGwenHeatherJustinKatieLeshawnaLindsayTrent, and Tyler. Throughout the season, they win nine out of fourteen pre-merge challenges and vote off EzekielTylerDJKatie, and Justin. They are the superior team this season.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Camper:

Once the Screaming Gophers were formed by Chris he sent them to their Cabins to unpack, Katie is still upset being on differnt teams aginst Sadie, Leshawna asked Gwen if they to share bunks but also hears Heather wisphering to Lindsay about her which annoys her, Heather then insults her earring stating that they discontinued since the 70's which begins the feud bettween them, But in the Male's side of the cabin they got along very well. Ezekiel enjoyed the Idea of bunk beds while DJ prepered to have the bottom due to being scared of heights and Justin was just looking at his mirror the whole time, Geoff stated that this will be totally awesome, After Five minutes the First Challenge began which they had to dive into thelake to collect piece of wood, As the challenge begins Heather assums the role of leader as to Gwen and Leshawna's disagree to the idea, Heahter then Forces Ezekiel and Leshawan to dive in first, Tyler also jumps in with them, Lindsay then gives Heather a Complement of her leadership skills, Which Heather agress with as he Pushes Lindsay of the cliff, Kaite then questions why Heather hasn't jumped yet but she insits on not doing so and Tells Gwen to Go next, Lindsay is then distracted by Justin as He Dives in with Gwen, Heather then continues to be bossy which Trent then asks her if she can chill but she then goes off making Him and Geoff Dive into the lake next However Geoff is then chased by A Shark, Heather then commands DJ to collect the wood and head to camp. Once they arrive Heather asks for any ideas how to build the Outhouse but Gwen said that was her job as leader, Trent then offers to help since he has some exerpince with tools, Kaite asked if she is actually going to help but Heather then rudely responds to her, Lindsay did want to touch any of the wood in fear of her hands turning into to tree bracnes, Despite all the issues the Screaming Gophers Won the challenge and were rewarded a trip to the tuck Shop.

The Hunter Games:

After hearing Chris from the intercom the Gopher's went to the mainlodge, Izzy Wanted to start a food fight which she ends up throwing Gruel at Heather's Hair. Lindsay and Katie Complements Heather's hair, In the Confessional Geoff talks about how he enjoys the island so far and Leshawan talks abotu alreading getting annoyed with Heather, Leshawna also Tells Gwen and Trent that She doesn't trust her and plan to get rid of her soon Gwen agrees but Trent asked to give her chance she might not be that bad which Impress Gwen, Chris then comes in that his Assitant Chef Hatchet will be hunting them in a Massive Hide and Go Seek for todays challenge, Heather attempts to Act nice infront of Everyone in a attempt to gain their Trusr While Justin sits there look hot. Ezekiel asked if Trent was the team leader but before he could discuss his whole plan heather interupts him and makes a new plan stating that everyone go into groups of two and Three, Heather then makes up the group ( Heather and Trent),( Geoff and DJ), ( Leshawna and Gwen), ( Lindsay and Katie), (Justin and Ezekiel) But she leaves out Tyler ?, Heather then in private talks to Katie and Lindsay about an alliance they could form to the Final 3, Lindsay then names them the Gohper Girls. Once the game starts Ezekiel ends up lost from Justin and Is shot down by Chef in the Kitchen. Geoff is then shot down by chef too, Chef then serachs the Girls Bathroom and kicks the door down and shots Lindsay and Katie, Chef then finds DJ and Tyler in the Maler cabin, Before they could escape Chef flips the bunk over them trapping the, After hunting down half the Bass Chef finds Gwen in the tree and Gets her, Leshawna then runs from the bushes as Chef pruses her and soon tackles her down. Chef then notice Heather and Trent holding hands in the bushes and offers to come back later however Heather then gets out of the bushes and Insults Chef which he begins to chase them, Heather then pushes Trent at Chef and runs off. Chef after escaping Duncan's Trap Chef finds Justin who then takes his shirt off and pouts Water on his hair, Despite Justins Charm Chef accidently shots him, After Chef takes down Duncan who was hding behind a small plant, Chris declares the Gophers as todays winners althought Leshawana and Trent Question her actions.


At the Mainlodge Geoff and Trent talk about Owen's Elimination while Heather taunts the Bass about Losing Twice Geoff Also Tries to talk to Lindsay but gets too nervous to say anything proper, When Chris comes in to tell them of The Two part challenge today both teams had to pick their Strongest member for part One which was DJ, Since the Bass were down by One the Gophers had to pick someone to sit out, Ezkiel Suggest Heather only for Her to retaliate by picking him instead. Before part one could even begin the two wodden pillars that Dj and Eva were on suddentl collapse, So with no Choice they moved onto part two but Dj and Eva have to sit out aswell, The Second part of the Challenge is Football but Due to the lack of Chris knowledge of the game he made it a no rules Full contact, Once the game begin Lindsay did not understand what to do while A Member of the Killer Bass Izzy jumps on Leshawna and bites her, Trent also Tackles Courtney, Trent then throws the Ball to Justin who is standing out on the field looking handsome and catches it and throws it to Tyler but Tyler fails to catch it as the ball hits him on the head. Katie Then trys to tackle Duncan but she trips and falls on Sadie, Trent also Trys to catch Duncan but Courtney jumps on him. After Saide tackles her own teammate Lindsay picks up and ball and gives it to Heather But She is Tackles by Izzy. Next Gwen passes the Ball to Tyler but he accidentl runs in the worng Direction, After Tyler Trips Trent Wonders if they should swap someone for Ezekiel, Next part Katie picks up the ball but ends up hugging Saide, Geoff then passes the ball to Trent, Trent then pases it to Tyler but he trips over again but luckily Leshawan grabs the ball and throws it to Geoff who then does a Slow motion throw at the Killer Basses Goals However Izzy catches the ball and heads to their goals, Trent notice his legs feels weak and Justin who stands infront of the goal is pushed by Izzy as she scores a point for the Killer Bass. During a Time out Katie was swapped for Ezekiel for the seond half of the game once the game begins Ezekiel gets the ball and passes it to Geoff, But Izzy (Killer Bass) jumps onto Geoff's shoulder and takes the ball off him. Izzy then Falls over with Geoff, Lindsay helps him up while Leshawna Tackles Courtney. Katie from the sideline was cheering for Saide which Heather then demanded her to stop, Izzy was about to score but Chris Tackles her causing mass confusion until he annouced the Killer Bass the the winners of todays challenge. The Gophers then togther discussed who to vote off Gwen first Suggested Justin since he stood there looking Pretty, Heather then gets into a massive arguement with Her and Leshawna, Gwen agreed with Ezekiel's Idea of Voting off Katie But Heather states on votting her off but Leshawna then responed by possilby votting her off instead which Heather then continues to argue about, At the Campfire Ceremony Gwen is given the first marshmallow followed by DJ, Geoff, Leshawna, Justin, Tyler, Lindsay, Trent and Katie, Which Left Ezekiel and Heather in the bottom two, But Heather was given the finnal Marshmallow. Before Ezekeil left Geoff gave him a fist bump.

Forest Grumps :

In the Morning at the Guys Cabin Trent asked Justin if we got any sleep but justin continues to look hot, Tyler is already confident about winning todays challenge he even had a dream of winning it, Geoff however is still bummed about Ezekiel being eliminated last week, But In the confessional Geoff states that he had no choice but to for him off because Heather would put a good word for him to Lindsay, Meanwhile at the girls cabin they begin to wake up Leshawna states breakfast is too early but Heather tells Katie to get her shower ready and tells Lindsay to get her breakfast. But before they go Chris on the on a mega tells them that it's challenge time Once they all arrive outside the cabin Katie comments on Saides cute snoring to Courtney,  Chris explaines todays challenge is a Night in the woods, There are five tent spots but only one of the four is Bear-free and team that comes back firsrt after an overnight stay wins, Chris also gives Heather the Teams map which is written in Zing-Zing. Heather as the unoffical team leader chose Spot C to camp at, Once they get into the woods heather asks if anyone can read Zing-Zing, Katie believes she does but turns out it was the language, Tyler said he is a part Cherokee but doesn't know Zing, Heather grows inpatient until Lindsay suggest that Zing could just be english written upside down and turned to its side, Gwen and Heather think about the Idea but Gwen doubts it which Lindsay suggest she get a tan, But after using a Mirror Lindsay could'nt transalte the words. Dj Sugest to just follow the path which Geoff agree but then they suddenly hear a roar Trent thinks its Izzy which Everyone agress with Gwen said that it could be a trap but Heather doubts that the Killer Bass are too dumb to make a trap, Heather then compliments Trent's Shrit and trys to charm him which annoys Gwen, Lindsay and Katie gosspit about Gwen's Looks once they being to walk to the campsite. They Finally arrive at the Site where Heather instrucs Leshawna and Gwen to gather everything Which they both refuse to do all of the work, Trent offers to Help Gwen gather supplys, as they search the woods Trent and Gwen begin to tallk about their favoriute things, Gwen told him her favourite colour was midnight blue while Trent told her his favourite movie which as an indie, Once The two get back to the campsite everyone hears bear noise Tyler suggest if it were going to eat anyone it should be Heather, Everyone then begins to huddle in fear for what is approching the campsite but it turns out it was Chris hiding in the bushes and DJ wet himself, IN the Morning the Gopher's arrive at the campsite first, Chris declares the Screaming Gopher's as the winners of the challenge and rewards them with a eigth person hot tub, Later in the night after the Killer Bass faced elimination Tyler was hiding in the bushes and Approached Bridgette a Member of the Killer Bass and admited his feelings for her, They then begin to make out.

Superstale :

The Screaming Gophers starts off at the males cabin, Where Tyler is having a dream where he was making out with Bridgette until he falls out of his bed and hits the floor which wakes up Geoff, Geoff and DJ if he's ok while also supecting that Tyler mhas a crush on someone, Meanwhile at the girls cabin Heather and Leshawna get into another Argument over who's turn it is to clean the bathroom, Leshawna had already done it twice while Heather made Lindsay do it for her, After their Feud Chris annouces the next challenge which is the classic Talent show and must pick three people from their side to perform tonight, Katie said she can dance, Trent is good at the Guitar and Geoff tries to impress Lindsay, Heather Once again takes command of picking their repersenatives. Heather rejects Gwen's drawings right away, Heather Volunteers Trent to play since he is a skilled at the Guitar which everyone agreed with, Lindsay raised her hand but is ignored, Leshawna shows her dance skills but Heather insults them which Leshawna begins to gain supposition that Heather doesn't have any talent which Heather then denise it, Heather choose herself to be in the talent show along with Trent who has a Guitar and Justin who was just standing there looking hot as ever which everyone agreed with. Once the Talen contest began the Killer Bass went up first Which  Harold due to Izzy injuring herself, His Opera supizes his Team along With Tyler and even making Lindsay tear up, Now it was the Screaming Gophers turn and Justin was the first one up and as his music starts he rips off his shirt which everyone gazes at Justin then ends it with flipping his hair, Chris gave him a Score of 9/10 the exact same score as Harold.  Courtney for the Killer bass play hera Violin which ends up boring Katie and  putting Leshawna DJ and Gwen to sleep which cause Gwen to Drop her Diary Which Heather then sneaks up and takes it. Trent tries to compliment Courtney's Voilin piece but Tyler continues to snore, Gwen then wakes up to find her Diary missing and Heather is now up on stage with it and begins to read from it However Heather begins to make up a Lie instead of reading her interest in Trent, She makes up a complete story of Gwen having a crush on Justin and insults that which Causes Gwen to run away in tears and Completly angering Leshawna and While Geoff states that it was mean in the confesssional. Once The Last Bass Sadie finishes her Act which she fell off the Auditorium Trent was the Last Gohper up which he plays a song dedicated to a special person here at camp, Which Geoff Lindsay Katie and Leshawna all Cheer, After Tallying up the Score the Screaming Gopher's win again thanks to Trent, Despite this he sighs in the confessional about Gwen and Justin, Later in the Night Tyler approches Bridgette again to wish her good luck but it turns out bad as After the Ceremony all members of the Killer Bass find out about their Seceret Relationship.

Fool's Gold:

The Episode starts off As Heather sits next to Katie and Lindsay at the main lodge while Geoff sits next to Trent and Tyler, Katie is upset with Sadie's elimination while Heather gains suppicion from the Killer Bass after they all shuned Bridgette, Heather Tells Lindsay to find out why which shes goes straight upto the group and Harold Acidently revals to the Gopher's about Bridgette and Tyler's relationship which shockeds all the gohpers and ticks off Heather and she completey goes at Tyler while Geoff and Dj admit their dissapointed in Tyler for the inter team realtionship, In the Confessional Gwen talks about Heather and her problems off always nagging at her own team and always traggeting someone. Chris then comes to explain todays challenge is a gold hunt in the water. Each Team must Pick Five people to repersent there Team, Leshawna Suggest Tyler could Redeem himself but Heather Rejects it and Banishes him from the team. Trent, Lindsay, Katie, Geoff and Leshawna were chosen to do the Challenge. Chris choose the Screaming Gophers to go first Geoff suggest He Trent and Lindsay go first but Katie wanted to avenger Saide But Heather rejects her pled. Once Geoff Enters the water he sees to his Shock that Lindsay has fell into the deep water and is drowning, Geoff and Trent help bring here back to shore. Trent and Geoff renter the water only to find nothing once the five minutes are up after that Leshawna and Katie from the Ohter Chosen Gophers go Next. Tyler Cheers for them but Heather then teases him. Leshawna is then spotted by a Shark that trys to bite her weave but she soon finds a rock and smacks the Shark with it. But the Time runs out and Her and Katie failed to find any gold. After all of the Killer Bass had their go Chris declares it a tie despite only the Killer Bass found any gold, TO make thing more harder Chris Choose Bridgette and Tyler to duke it out in a Underwater Tug-O-War. Since the Gophers won the last challenge Tyler is allowed to use the reward which is a Pair of Goggles, But Right when the game starts Tyler is already Tug and Screaming Gohpers are sent to the Campfire Ceremony, After Heather Insults Tyler He then stands up and talks about her unsportsmanship, Chris then gives everyone who did not get a single vote a Marshmallow which were DJ ,Leshawna,Gwen,Trent, Lindsay and Geoff, Chris explained that Leshawna Voted for Katie and Trent voted for Justin causing a Awkard situation but Justin and Katie are given the next Marshmellow Leaving Heather and Tyler in the bottom two, But Despite his hopes Heather is given the last marshmallow. Before Tyler leaves he says goodbye to Bridgette and gives her a Kiss before he goes to the boat of losers.

You're Goose is Cooked:

The Episode starts with both teams already at the Mainlodge haveing breakfeast where Chris announces todays challenge which will be a three mefal cooking challenge. Lindsay offers to be head chef for her skill of Cooking Spagetthi back in Cheerleading camp but Gwen and Trent Perferred DJ to be head chef. AS Heather puts her Appron on DJ devide the team into three small groups for the three course meal, He, Trent and Lindsay are on the sandwiches, Leshawna,Gwen and Justin are on the mash potatoes and Geoff,Heather and Katie will do the pumpkin pie, Once everyone begins on there food Lindsay forgets to plug in the toaster which is why the bread won't toast but all of a sudden All of the Gophers begin to her some buzzing noises, They try to ingore it but it gets too distracting so Lindsay opens the window to everyone shock that a horde of Bess fly in and attack everyone, Heather ditches the team on sight while Gwen trys to aviod the bees due to her allergy. After the bees left it was time for chris to judge the food while one of the killer bass laugh at Heather's misfortune with the bees, The Gophers first food was the sandwhich but after taking a bite of it Chris begins to choke Dj saves him with CPR as a Bee flies out of his mouth, Chris gives the Gophers a Four out of then campared to the Basses Eight out of Ten for the First Round, Next Food was the Mashed Potatoes Which Chris has high expectation for, After trying it Chris gave the Gopher's a Full Ten out of Ten beating the Basses Five out of ten in Round Two. Finally The Last Course was The Pumpkin Pie but Heather and Katie change it to a Cooked Pumpkin due the lost of time thanks to the Bees but mange to have whiped cream and choclate sprinkles added to it, Everyone then watches as Chris takes a Piece off with a Fork and eat it, At first Chris was impressed with the cooked pumpkin until he starts puking and spits a Pumkin seed out, Katie had forgot to take the seed out before cooking it, The Killer Bass win which means the Gophers have to go to the Elimination Ceremony for the thrid time, At the Campfire Gwen is given the first marshmallow followed by Justin, Trent, Katie, Leshawna and Heather Leaving DJ and Lindsay in the bottom two but soon Lindsay was given the final marshmallow, Gwen, Trent And Geoff were sadden with DJ elimination, Dj tried to help his team but in the end couldn't.

Chris-napped :

The Episode starts off at the Mainlodge where Gwen begins to strave due to breakfast not being in sight but Trent then gives her a packet off chips since He,Geoff and Justin snuck ino the kitchen last night took some food, Chef then arrives to announces that Chris has been kidnapped and is traped on Boney island Lindsay asks what a portage is while Chef explains they must take the Camp's Canoes to get to the island and find him and bring him back and win invisibility. Once the Gopher's get to their Canones Heaterh tells Lindsay and Katie they will be paddling for her, Gwen Partners up with Trent and Leshawna while Geoff goes with Justin. Heather demands Lindsay and Katie to paddle faster, Trent, Leshawan and Gwen talk about DJ's Elimination, Katie finally stands up to Heather but She is then forced off the Canoe but Katie joins Trent,Gwen and Leshawna in their Canoe. In the Confessional Heather declares that Katie will go next. Once the Gohper's Except for Geoff and Justin arrive at the Island, Heather demands to know why Katie is brought with them but Leshawna refuse to answer to her while Katie choose to take the left path while everyone else follows her. As they make their way throught the woods a Stymphalian goose picks up Trent and Drops him onto a tree but he falls and hits the ground. The Goose then picks up Heather and drops her into a quicksand pit. Trent then saves Heather by grabing her hand and pulling her out of the quicksand to much of Katie and Gwen's Dismay. Unfortunaley the Gopher's picked the worng path and the Killer Bass found Chris, At their Fourth Elimination Ceremony Gwen followed by Justin,Trent, Leshawna, Heather and Geoff leaving Katie and Lindsay in the bottom two but in the End Lindsay is given the final marshmallow, Before Katie leaves she swears at Heather which Lindsay giggles about.

In Gwen we Trust:

At the Main Lodge Chris Conratulates all remaining Camper's because it they have reached their thrid week on Camp Drama. After watching All Twenty One days of them all on the Island Chris stated the only thing they all have in common is tension So Chris decide today will be a trust challenge, noah from the Killer Bass sat the challenge out due too them outnumbering the Screaming Gophers. Chris Choose Gwen and heather to Repersent the Gopher's in part One of todays challenge Climbing Mount Tradgey, Both Gwen and Heather Hated the Idea. Heather takes the Rope while Gwen is forced to climb, As the Challenge Begins Trent and Leshawna both cheer for Gewn but Lindsay then reminds Trent that he and Heather are dating but She said that out loud Shocking Gwen and Leshawna while the Killer Bass aer Amused. This Causes Gwen to tear up but to add insult to it Heather lets go of the rope causing Gwen to fall this causes an even bigger heated argument until Chris and Duncan break it up, Chris then makes Heather climb and Gwen grab the rope. But Before Heather could catch up to Courtney Gwen accidently loosens the belay too much and Heather falls and is rushed to the infimary while Trent is Angred at Gwen because of this along with the fact they lost part on of the challenge. Part TWo was a Three legged race with three people And Trent,Leshawna and Lindsay were choosen by Chris to participate in the challenge, Trent Suggested Lindsay to clim onto their shoulder despite her high heel boots. Once they start her high heels are already hurting Trent but despite this they keep a very good pace even going faster steady, Lindsay begins to wobble a lot but thanks to one of the bass falling off Leshawna and her group reach the dock winning it and making the whole challenge a tie. Finally the last Challenge Geoff and Justin had to race two member's of the Killer Bass (Cody and Izzy) Down a hill on toboggan, Geoff is the Steerer while Justin tells him which way to turn but Justin lets his Beauty relects on the Sunlight to guide Geoff since he doesn't talk much. Heather also arrives from the infirmay with her hair messed up. The Killer Bass's Toboggan crashs into the River but After they reached the finish line they were disqualified for floating to the finish line Chris the declares the Screaming Gopher's as the winners of the challenge. While Heather revals she is only using Trent for his vote.

Snakes and a Plane:

Both Teams are already at the Main lodge for Breakfeast however it is stopped when Chris tells them all that todays challenge they will be facing their Biggest Fears of all time, Chris Tells Gwen she has to be buried in the sand inside and Glass box that Heather must Supervise, and Trent must Go on a Helicopter driven by Chef Hatchet but Two other Girls from the Killer bass will have to do the samething as well. Justin will have to take negetive Words from the girls and Leshawna will have to feace her fear of spiders and Geoff and Lindsay will have to eat sushi and Heather will have to go into a snake pit, After the Commerical break Gwen is the first Gopher to face her fear once she is buried in the sand Heather soon grow broed makes Lindsay take her place and leaves, Next Trent enters the Helicopter with some of the Killer Bass (Beth and Izzy) for their fear challenge but soon after Chef talks about the Zing-Zing He loose contorl of the plane and ditches the three as the plane crashes, Next Geoff and Lindsay have to Eat a three courses of Sushi, First was Raw Fish with Grinded maggots and Cow Toenail Sparkles, Lindsay tries to eat it but Barfs on Geoff which eliminates her from the rest of the challenge  while Geoff manages to eat it which he goes to the next course which is mashed squid, electric eel, and toad eyeball with pineapple, Geoff painfully swallows it and continues to the final course, However the Final course vanished from its plate which reval a bear had eaten it and scares them out of the cabin. Meanwhile After Trent got out of the crashed Helicopter he noticed that he steped on a walkie-talkie which Gwen speaks out of saying that she is still in the glass box and has been in there for half an hour, Trent manages to find Her spot and dig her out and asked Heather why she wasn't there, After that Chris Made Heather go in the exact same pit but it is full of snakes. After Heather is touched by a Slimy slime she leaves the pit losing her challenge, Next Leshawna,Gwen,heather and Lindsay all met at the female Screaming Gopher's cabin where they must help Justin over come his fear of negative comments while looking at him topless which alreadys shows to he hard for Lindsay and Leshawna, However Gwen stays focus and manages to snap everyone out of his charms and being to insult his Legs,Check and Butt However Justin shows to keep calm which was working until Chef wearing a Spider suit Scares Leshawna, Lindsay and Heather out of the cabin. Because of this The Screaming Gopher's Lose meaning they must go to their Fifth Elimination Ceremony, At the Bonfire Gwen is given the First Marshmallow again followed by Trent, Leshawna, Lindsay and Geoff Leaving Heather and Justin in the bottom two But once again Heather is given the final marshmallow eliminated a Sad Justin.

Hot Air Ba-loon:

The Day begins with Leshawna asking Courtney if she is ok, Then Her and Gwen head to the main lodge where Heather is, Chris walkings to to inform them that todays challenge will be a Scavenger Hunt for Hot Air Ballon parts. The gophers are divided into three groups (Leshawna and Gwen) (Lindsay and GEoff) (Heather and Trent). Lindsay beings to talk to Geoff about her she is huting for items which Geoff also compliments Lindsay about it some otherstuff, Geoff then suggests going to the Boathouse while in the confessional he states that he begins to feel nervous around Lindsay and hopes she likes him back, Next Gwen and Leshawna enter the Boathouse and talk about Heather and Trent and Come to the conclusion that Heather is using him but then they hear a sudden crash in the room they search the other side of the boathouse to their shock to see Geoff and Lindsay making out, Thought Geoff trys to make up an excuss and Lindsay spots a Parachute Valve cord. While Trent is outside the girls cabin wait for Heather to come out when she does she asks where Gwen and Leshawna are because she would want to taunt them about being togther, Trent then tries to Kiss Heather but she rejects which Trent in the confessional beings to think that Heather has grown bored of him,  Chris begins to judge the Hot Air Ballon the Kiler Bass had put togther but it collapes mid air, Chris then inspects the Gopher's Hot Air Ballon Since he didn't get injured the declares the Gopher's as the Winners Chris then gives them the best thing he could ever give them ... A Screaming Gopher Hat and puts it on Gwen which she complains it's itchy while Geoff Likes the hat, Later Heather is annoyed at Trent for left her makebag in her cabin and stroms off but Gwen then arrives and asks if hes ok while Trent said that Heather is always getting mad at him he also thinks that she and Heather can still be friends whils Gwen and Leshawna Denied this idea immedienly Gwen then leaves to help Izzy which Trent is impressed with, Meanwhile Geoff and Lindsay are hanging out at the Boathouse where Lindsay wanted to talk about what happened eailer and does not want to start a realtionship while Geoff is ok with that he shows to be upset in the confessional and talks about how speical she is compared to any other girl in the world.

Labybug in the Camp:

Heather and Lindsay set up a Audt-ion Booth for their third member of their alliance, Only memeber's of the Killer Bass actually auditioned for it, Heather Recjects Harold and Duncan while Izzy freaks them out with her Ankle Neck Tricks but before Beth could even start her audition Chris arrives to commence the next challenge which is a Animal training challenge, Gwen is given a Shunk, Leshawna is given a lady bug, Trent is given a Chameleon, Lindsay gets a Squirrel which Heather jokes about the Similarity's But Heather is then given a angry woodpecker and Geoff Gets a Panda he already begins to Like Lindsay also offers to train the pets togther which Geoff Agrees. Once one of the Killer Bass are given a Bear which roars loudly Geoff,Lindsay and Leshawna Run away, Meanwhile Trent is chilling with his Chameleon where he is approached by a Killer Bass Boy (Cody) who asks her About He and Heather's realtionship while Trent talks about Heather's Good Qualities Cody Realise that He is being used by herm Later Geoff and Lindsay are talking to each other until Lindsay accidentally steps on the Panda which then angrily attacks Geoff, Lindsay then confusses it with a Koala but Lindsay then hits the Panda with a Big Stick but it cause the Panda to faint which Geoff and Lindsay begin to worry that it might be dead. Meanwhile Heather is trying to train her wood pecker without getting grossed out but she then notice Beth (Killer Bass Member) in the bushes she asks about the Audtion that Chris had interupted before which Heather then gets an idea She makes a Deal with Beth that Heather will her into the Alliance but in return she must help her win the challenge. later Leshawna is wondering how to train a small animal like a Ladybuy where Izzy arrives and asks if her loon can eat the ladybug which Leshawan refuses, Izzy then plans on making a Loon Fighting club, Teach it to fly and Feed her Loon other loons and then jumps into the bushes leaving Leshawna even more confused, Meanwhile Gwen is sprayed by Her Skunk and expresses her hate for it just then Harold (Killer Bass) gives her some Tomatoe sause to help remove the Skunk Spray althought She is grateful for it she still is annoyed by him, After That Chris announces that it is judging time but also adds a twist each Camper will be locked in a cage with one of the other camper's animal pet. Trent Goes first and is locked with Cody's Frog but Cody forgot to train it and the Frog starts beating up Trent however since His Chameleon did nothing the Gopher's get One point at the cost of a Bit of Trent's Hair, Next Geoff and Lindsay however the Panda wakes up and Attacks Lindsay and her Squirell pounces on Geoff but it begins to lick him so the gopher's get one more point. Next Heather was locked with Beth's Raccon but since Beth only Trained Heather's woodpecker for her the Raccon Mauls Heather, Leshawna is next and Is locked with Izzy's Loon however it sits on Leshawna's Lap and Does nothing However Leshawna's Ladybug beings Boxing Izzy Which the Bass get their first point, Gwen is the last Gopher to go up and said is paired with Harold's Parrots which Annonys the hell out of her Niether team gets a point, Last the two Bass ( Duncan and Courtney) When up but the Bear breaks out of it's cage Chef Tries to Shoot a Tranquilizer dart but he misses and hits Gwen, After the Bear leaves Trent takes her to the medical tent Despite this bear outbreak the Screaming Gopher's Win and Heather is declared as the Biggest Winner of the Challenge.

Lifestyles of the Gitch and Fameless:

The Eleven Remaing Campers are seen watching a Commerical that Chris has made for the show, Geoff is eatin popcorn while Trent asks what the whole thing is, Chris the explains it's a commerical for Camp Drama and Also decides to give the Gopher's and the Bass a Challenge to make their own advertisments about the McLean Brand Underwear. Heather once again bosses her team around by assiing Trent as Music, Geoff as the Model, and Gwen and Leshawna backstage. Lindsay wanted to help to but is rejected at first but Heather gives her a job as the light's person, Once Juding began the Screaming Gopher's went after the Bass, heather then goes on stage and talks about the McLean underwear while Geoff Flexes in them, But then one of the lights break, Lindsay climbs the ladder to fix it but it falls off and lands on Heather However she dodges it but the Light rips off her shirt as she covers her chest and Screams amusing everyone. Thanks to this Malfunction The Screaming Gopher's Win Again, Later they discuss who shoulder have the two person trailer, Gwen agress with Lindsay however Heather secertly forced Lindsay to let her have the trailer despite Geoff Hearing the whole conversation which Lindsay had not choice to agree with so Heather then took Trent to the Trailer while Lindsay begins gain suspicion about Heather's.

Tidal Brave:

Heather is shown sleeping in the Trailer at night time during a massive Rainstrom, In the morning the Campsite is completly flood and both Team Cabins have drifted into the Ocean, Gwen,Lindsay and Leshawna wake up to find them selves stranded in their Cabin, Trent and Geoff wake moments later, Gwen then notices that the Cabin is no where in sight while on the flip side Niether is Heather Chris from a Floating Intercom has decide to make up a challenge for them depite the flood, The team thta copes with being stranded in their cabin the most before being rescued wins, Meanwhile Heather arrives at the Killer Basses cabin but hates ending up at the worng place, Lindsay begins to panic because her Hair Staightener has gone misining, Geoff then comes up with a Wicked Idea to throw a party which everyone but Gwen agreed with. Meanwhile Heather who is stuck with the Killer Bass asks them what their Stratergy is however they dont have one and Duncan then pantsed Harold in front of them, Trent then plays his Favourite song which Geoff and Leshawna dance to it Geoff then asks Gwen to Join in and soon gets her to join which Which Geoff Celebrates in the Confessional, Heather notices the Feud bettween Harold and Duncan back at the Bass cabin Heather then sees Harold Push down Duncan and Begins to belive that Harold is too dangerous to remain in the Final Ten so Heather persuade Duncan, Beth and Izzy to vote for him at their next elimination Ceremony, Just then chris arrives to recuse both teams and thanks to Geoff's Party the Gopher's Win their Last challenge before the Merges.


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ezekiel Male 21st 11th Featherheads Heather considered him the weakest member of the team and he did insult her eariler in the day and trageted Katie a member of the gohper girls.
Tyler Male 18th 10th Fool's Gold He and Bridgette's Realtionship was exposed to the whole Camp which Lost trust of most people Including Heather plus he and Heather were in bad terms before hand.
DJ Male 17th 9th Your Goose is Cooked DJ tried his best to help the team in the cooking challenge but either the Bees or the pumpkin were responible for his loss.
Katie Female Returns Returns Chris-napped She ticked off Heather and left her alliance and Lead the team to the worng path
Justin Male 15th 8th Snakes and a Plane Despite Heather failed at her challenge she trageted Justin and their team lost
Katie Female 10th 7th Losers Who Lunch Most likely by the Gopher Girls
Lindsay Female 7th 6th Septuple-Edged Sword She lost in the instant elimination challenge
Leshawna Female 6th 5th Up in Tri-Arms She had more votes then Trent
Trent Male 4th 4th Sasquatch Me If You Can Chef's Choose Him
Heather Female 3rd 3rd Screech She was disqualified for sabotaging the other campers in the challenege
Gwen Female 2nd 2nd Camp Drama: Geoff vs. Gwen Lost to Geoff in the finale
Geoff Male 1st 1st Camp Drama: Geoff vs. Gwen Geoff Won Camp Drama
Screaming Gophers
DJ | Ezekiel | Geoff | Gwen | Heather | Justin | Katie | Leshawna | Lindsay | Trent | Tyler

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