Since a Lot of Other Total Drama Roleplay Wikis have been doing this is past the time why not, How it goes is you make comment about who you want to Heal and they get 1 point ( 10 Max) and who you want to hurt When they reach Zero their eliminated Simple Lets go ! 
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 2.58.38 PM

Roleplay Reborn's Hurt & Heal activity by Owen Hardy :D

Character   Points   Rank  
Alejandro 5 TBA
Beth 5 TBA
Blaineley 5 TBA
Bridgette 5 TBA
Cody 5 TBA
Courtney 5 TBA
Duncan 6 TBA
Eva 5 TBA
 Ezekiel 5 TBA
Geoff 6 TBA
Gwen 5 TBA
Harold 5 TBA
Heather 5 TBA
Izzy 5 TBA
Justin 5 TBA
Katie  5 TBA
Leshawna 5 TBA
Lindsay 5 TBA
Noah 5 TBA
Owen 3 TBA
Sadie 5 TBA
Sierra 5 TBA
Trent  5 TBA
Tyler 5 TBA

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