I Am looking Forward to Global Drama and read how the story will go So like the team photos i decide to make so Photos of them in a Few Location.

( This has nothing to do with the Actually Global Drama plot , This is just few Images i made from their Teams not the Locatoin )

I Hope you enjoy the gallery ! 

  • Three members of Each team falling

Team Amazon:

  • Team Amazon on the Road to Mexico
  • Team Amazon Clash with Team Chris is 4x hot, The the Spanish Castle San Marcos
  • Team Amazon Clash with Team Victory in Greece

Team Chris is Really 4x Hot: 

  • Team Chris is really 4X Hot at Dracula's Castle, Transylvania
  • Team Chris is Really 4X Clash with Team Amazon at Spain in the Castle San Marcos
  • Team Chris Is Really 4X Hot Clash with Team Victory at the Vaitcan's Museum in Italy

Team Victory:

  • Team Victory Lost in Antarctica
  • Team Victory Clash with Team Chris is really 4X hot at the Vatican Museums in Rome
  • Team Victory Clash with Team Amazon in Greece

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