Owen Hardy/Killer Bass Elimination Chart
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member Izzy, 5th place
Lowest Ranking Member Owen, 22nd place
Advanced to Studio Drama 6 ( Including Courtney
Advanced to Global Drama 7

The Killer Bass are one of two teams this season, consisting of BethBridgetteCodyCourtneyDuncanEvaHaroldIzzyNoahOwen, and Sadie. Throughout the season, they win five out of fourteen pre-merge challenges and vote off OwenEvaSadieNoahBridgetteCourtneyCody, and Harold.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Camper:

The Killer Bass are Formed when Chris place Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Harold, Izzy, Noah, Owen and Saide onto the Team,  When the Killer Bass get to their Cabins Beth, Bridgette, Courtney and Izzy manage to Bond together while in the Male's Cabin Duncan is picking on Harold while Noah Insults Duncan about him calling Harold a Dweeb and Owen Accidently Breaks two of the Beds. In their First Challenge they had to Dive into the water to to collect building Material for an Outhouse, Izzy nearly Drowns to death while doing this, Despite the Killer Bass Early Lead the Screaming Gohpers defeat them however it was a reward challenge.

The Hunter Games:

there challenge was to avoid being captured by Chef Hatchet while he hunts them all down, Owen is the First one on their team out after Chef lures him out of the kitchen after Chef Finds Noah and Beth hiding in outside of a Shelter that Geoff ann Tyler were in. Cody, Courtney and Eva who are hiding in the woods are aruging when Chef Ambushes them and Shoots Cody and Courtney but Eva manages to escape by jumping into a Underground Ditch where she succesfully loses Chef who was chasing her. Chef then goes for some of the Gohpers and Also manages to Shoot Sadie in the process. After That Duncan, Harold and Izzy Set up a Trap for Chef. However as Chef fell for there Trap Harold beings to brag about the elabortate prank when he also falls into the trap were he and Izzy are both Shot by him. Chef then Tracks Down two moer Bass Bridgette and Eva Guns them both down leaving Duncan as the last member of the Killer Bass in the game. Unfortunatly Chef Finds Duncan hiding behind a Plant and Shoots him making the Screaming Gohpers win the Challenge. At the Killer Bass First Elimination Ceremony everyone is given a Marshmellow except for Harold and Owen meaning that there in the Bottom two, After a brief Pause Harold is given the Last Marshmellow making Owen the First Killer Bass Eliminated from the Competion.


Chris Tells them to elect one memeber from each team to participate in the first part of the challenge, The Killer Bass Pick Eva, But just when the challenge was about to start the two pillars that Eva and DJ were standing on  both collapseed thus making it a tie. Chris then said that Eva and DJ will not be in Part two of the challenge, All members of the Killer Bass but Eva then had to compete in part two of the challenge which is a Full-Contact Football. Izzy and Courtney then madly charge after the first round Izzy endes up Biting Trent ?, During the Second round Saide is Cherred by one of the Gohpers Kaite when she sits out of the Round while Izzy manages to get a scoring making the Killer Bass finally win a challenge.

Forest Grumps:

In the early mornings the Both sides of the Killer Bass cabin had a bad start of the morning On the Girls side Beth almost ticked off Eva when Izzy asked her if she could do some weights aswell While in the Male Cabin Duncan pranks Harold by putting a cup on his hand causing him to urinate himself and Noah insults Duncan about making enemies too early in the game, When Chris tells the Killer bass about todays challenge he also Gives Courtney a Map that also explains the challenge, they then find a empty spot in the Woods where Courtney Tells Eva and Beth to find some food, Bridgette and Sadie to collect water, Cody and Izzy to start campfire and Duncan and Harold to gather wood for the fire leaving Only Courtney and Noah to rest, Soon a Bear attacks their camp and eats Harold, But Eva then throws all the Berries that cause the bear to spew him out and leave which Cause Duncan to laugh at Harold. The Next Day Chris declares the Screaming Gohpers the Winner's. At the Elimination Ceremony Chris gives every member of the Killer Bass a Marshemellow except for Cody and Eva, But Gives Cody the Final Marshmellow, Eva was Votted off because of losing the Teams Food Scoure to a Bear, Later on the Night Saide Spots Bridgette Making Out Tyler a member of the Screaming Gophers.

Super Stale:

The Episode starts with the Female Side of the Killer Bass Cabin where Saide is Glaring at Bridgette Know that she is now in a Relationship with a Memeber of the Screaming Gopher's. On the Male Cabin Harold is relieved to wake up with Duncan Harming or Pranking Him, Harold trys to Bond With Noah but does not work, When Chris Announce that Today is a talent contest and three members of each team has to compete for them, Beth is Rejected from Audition while Courtney and Noah Start to have a feud after Auditions Izzy, Saide and Courtney are chosen to repersent their team, When Izzy was first to go but she injured herself while walking to the stage so she was replaced with Harold who sings a High-pitched Opera and scores Nine out of ten points, Courtney is the second person on her team to go up She plays her Violin Piece but it is found to be boring and is given a Four out of Ten Score, Saide is the Final member of her team to go up, Saide Performs a Jump off the Auditorium and falls throught the Stage leaving a Big hole in the floor getting Six Points out of Ten But that was not enough to Win the Challenge as Trent from the Screaming Gophers gets another Seven points thus the Killer Bass Lose Again. At The Camp Fire Ceremony for the Killer Bass Everyone on the team is given a Marshmellow Except for Courtney and Sadie, In the end Courtney gets the Last Marshmello thus Eliminating Saide, Before she leaves she revals the truth about Bridgette and Tyler's Cross Romance Thus angering the Killer Bass, Saide then shares a heartfelt goodbye to Katie before she walks to the Dock of Shame.

Fool's Gold:

At the Mainlodge tension bettween Bridgette and every member of the Killer Bass cause Heather to gain suspicion about why ?, She Send Lindsay to ask them why when Harold Accidentally tells her about Bridgette and Tyler Making out which enrages the Screaming Gohpers aswell. When Chris gives the Killer Bass their next task which is to dive under water to collect gold, The Team Chosse Courtney, Duncan, Harold and Izzy, Bridgette also joins them when she convinces them to give her a second chance. When it is their turn Duncan pushes Harold into the Lake almost causing him to get eaten by sharks and Could not get any gold. Duncan, Izzy, Courtney and Bridgette all manage to find alot of gold causing them to go into a tie-breaker. And to make things seem Akward Chris Picks Bridgette and Tyler to Compete in the Tie-Breaker which is a Tug of War. Bridgette ends up wining for her team but at the cost the Screaming Gophers votted off her boyfriend but not before they share a Kiss before he walks onto the dock of Shame.

You're Goose Is cooked:

Chris Infroms the Team thay they must make a three-course meal for him to judge, Courtney is chosen to be the team leader for the task. Beth and Bridgette focused on the Appetizers While Duncan,Cody and Harold worked on the entree and Courtney,Noah and Izzy Make Dessert Even thought Izzy wanted to make Banana's. Bridgette was unsure about Beth's Suggestion about Chesse and Beef  on the Tortellini but Courtney Reminded her it's for Chris, Noah and Izzy Decide to Pick Banana Caramel and Duncan starts to call Cody and Harold Nerd while they focus the Chess Burger. Duncan also states in the confessional how Courtney wants him while Courtney Denies all of this in her Confessional. Noah Begins to struggle with Izzy when she begins to play hot potatoe with the Banana. When the Cohper's come back from being attack by Bees Duncan laughs at Heahter who is covered in Bandages, Chris Ends up Choking when he takes a bite from the Screaming Gopher's Sandwhich and Vomits During their Dessert, Chris States the Killer Bass win that challenge.


The Killer bass are instructed by Chef to take Canoes and paddle to Boeny Island to recuse Chris, Izzy Originallys Asked Duncan to be her partner but Courtney offers to instead while Izzy Goes with Cody, Beth and Bridgette Pair up as awell Leaving Noah with Harold. While Paddling Courtney and duncan have an Akward converstaion But Courtney states in the confesstional that Duncan is the only member of her team that she has nothing in common with. Izzy and Cody talk about Duncan while Beth on the other Canoe also states that Duncan might have a secert soft side. Cody also wonder why Izzy Doesn't notice him. Once they arrive at Boeny Island they notice Two paths, Harold Suggest going left But Courtney states that the right path would be the right way which the rest of the team agree. Izzy Finds a Creek which She and Cody Jump into, While Courtney Finds a Cave, Noah Choose not to go in the cave due to his Bug Allergies, The Rest of the Bass enter a dark cave where Beth wonders if there is a bear in there, Something brushes Courtney's leg which turns out to be Chris, He Tells them the whole thing is just a challenge and they have won it.

In Gwen we Trust:

Week Three on the island Chris Informs the campers that todays three part challenges are based on trust, However Due to the Bass Outnumbering the Gohper's one member of the Killer Bass has to sit out, Courtney Suggets Noah which Bridgette agress Noah sighs and agrees, Noah states in the confesstional that there would be a fat chance in him being votted off because of this. Part One Duncan and Courtney had to do Rock Climbing against Gwen and Heather, Duncan has to Hold the Rope while Courtney Climbs, Duncan is distracted when he hears about Heather and Trent going out, Thought Courtney did not even notice Gwen falling Duncan distracted all caused Courtney to fall. While Gwen and Heater swap places Courtney Continues to get back up the Moutain. After Heather falls off Courtney Wins Part one for the Killer Bass, In Part 2 Beth and Bridgette have to race Trent and Leshawna with Harold on their Shoudlers, While Harold states that he is now Dirty Harold, Harold ends up getting too over confident and falls off them losing the Race, In the Final Part Izzy and Cody have to Race Geoff and Justin in a Bobsled race, Izzy and Geoff have to do it blindfoled while Cody and Justin tell them which direction to go. Izzy then sense a River Head and Crashes the Toboggan into the River Reaching the Finish Line, However Chris Disqualifies them because it's a Race Down the hill not a River thus The Killer Bass lost, At the Elimination Ceremony Harold is given the first Marshmellow Followed by Izzy, Beth, Cody,Duncan and Bridgette, Leaving Courtney and Noah in the Bottom two, Courtney is given the Last marshmellow Thought Noah could'nt care less despite it Harold is left Upset with Noah's Elimination.

Snakes and a Plane:

Chris enters the main lodge to explain to the campers that today that must overcome their biggest fears to win todays challenge, Cody and Bridgette had to go first their biggest fear was being lost in the woods, So Cody and Bridgette had to stay in the woods for Six Hours. Chris then asked Beth,Izzy and Trent about their Preferred transportation, Beth stated No Planes but Chris stated that She,Izzy and Trent must go on a Helicopter for One Hour driven by Chef around Camp Wawanakwa, Duncan who states that today won't be that bad, Chris then informs him that He is Afraid of Getting Tattoos which Courtney and Harold laugh about, But Chris also tells Harold about Ninjas which he is not good about, Finnaly Chris Tells Courtney that she and Heather have to Face Snakes, Cody and Bridgette go First as Chris Takes them to the woods, Chris states that Chef has given them supplies but Chef Said he forgot which Chris gives an evil snicker and leaves them, Cody and Bridgette attempt to stay clam as they hear bird and screams from a tree, Bridgette and Cody then walk togther in the woods when Bridgette asked which path to take, Cody Suggest Right after last time went well, A Bear slowly creeps up behind them while they walk, Meanwhile Beth and Izzy enter the Helicopter along with Trent, In the Confessional Beth states she more afraid of Izzy then the flight, While Izzy states she controls all her nightmares. Unfortunately Chef Loses control of the Plane and takes the only Parachute and ditches them, Cuasing Beth to Hold onto Trent while all three of the scream, Meanwhile Harold who is in the bathroom is confronted by Ninja's but he ends up fainting from them, Next Courtney and Heahter arrive at a empty Pit, Mostly a Punishment for Heather who left Gwen buried, Courtney states she was boyfriend stealler her from Trent Which Heather Responed by mention a Big Zit on her Face, Chris then makes both of them climb down the pit and sit on the chairs there, Chris then fills the pit with snakes However both Heather and Courtney fail and run out, Finnally Duncan is the last person to face their fear since the teams are tied, Courtney, Beth and Cody Encourage him to face his fear An Hour Later Chef Finish drawing an Anchor Tattoo on his arm, Chris then tells the Killer Bass that they have one todays challenge.

Hot Air Ba-loon:

Duncan start off the day while Cody is sitting near Bridgette who is reading a Book, While Courtney is sitting on the Cabins stairs thinking about something, Gwen an Leshawna come by to asked her what's worng but She states she fine just a little out of it, Chris then arrvies telling them that todays challenge they have to find parts for a Hot Air Ballon, When the Bass disucss their Plan Harold and Beth were surprised that Courtney asked them what they have to do since she was the team Leader, Bridgette explain that they must collect a ballon, Basket, Burner, Propane Tank, Parachute valve cord and paint. Duncan and Harold belive that the Boathouse that Chris had mention could be a Booby trap. Duncan then suggest that everyone separate to find the pieces, Courtney then said she was going to think off that but Izzy said Duncan should pick the groups, Duncan Puts Harold, Beth and Bridgette into a group, harold then puts an and arm around Beth which she giggles to, Duncan then Puts Cody With Izzy thought She did not want to be paired with him as Cody continues to flirt with her, Leaving Courtney with Duncan, Beth, Bridgette and Harold serach the woods looks up at a tree where a brid poops on him his face, As he gets it off Beth suggests going to the Boat House liek Chris said but harold disagreed saying it mitght be a trap, They then have a vote for what to do next The Votes are 2-1 Thus they went to the Boathouse, Duncan jokes around with Courtney as she goes off at him but she then snaps and suddenyl Kisses him and then runs off leaving him, Meanwhile Izzy finds the Propane tank and throws it to Cody who catches it and falls over, Izzy then tries to get Cody who he hates on the Island which he said Heather But Izzy then slaps him on the back and Said he was ment to say Courtney to cause Drama, Finally after a Long day of Serach for Ballon stuff it was judging time, Chris was impressed with the look of the Killer Bass's Hot Air Ballon, Izzy then offers to ride the ballon with him which he agress, After going up for a while Chris asked to go back down but Izzy said she wants to vist Space, After Chris stops the Ballon Izzy asked if he wants to escape this place, Chris hten agress but then the basket collapse, Injuring Chris and Izzy, Chris then judged the Screaming Gophers and since he didn't get injured this time the Gophers won again, After the Challenge Duncan goes to the main lodge where Courney is and asked her about that kiss eailer but Courtney protests that It was nothing and left, Chris then came in and said that she likes him which Duncan agreed. Izzy was sent to the Infirmary where Gwen Volunteered to take care of her Despite that she is still in danger of Elimination, At the Bonfire Ceremony, Cody is given the First marshmellow, Chris then asked Cody why he lied to Izzy about only hating Heather If he votted for Harold. Chris then gives the next Marshmellows to Duncan, Courtney, Beth and Harold Leaving Bridgette and Izzy on the chopping block, In the end Izzy was given the last Marshmellow, Bridgette is the Next person to leave but she now can now see Tyler again.

Ladybug In The Camp: 

Before the Challenge Heather and Lindsay to girls from the Screaming Gopher's create an Audition to replace their former member Katie. Harold,Izzy,Duncan and Beth all audition for it, Harld was immediately rejected by Heather, Izzy in her audition tries to put her both her ankles behind her neck bu she accidently strangls her shelf and passes out, Heather did want Duncan to join so she recjecd him beofer Lindsay could say more about the alliance, Last was Beth but Chris interupted her to bring todays challenge which was to train an Animal given to them. Cody is given a Frog, Harold is given a Parrot which he talks with though Chris could'nt care, Duncan is Given a Rat, Izzy is Given a Loon and Beth is Given a Raccon, Courtney Complains that she hasn't been given an Animal yet, Chirs Jokes about the her being and Lest Popular camper and is given a Bear on short notice, Cody while with his Frogs hangs out with Trent and Discuses his realtionship with Heather even forgetting about their Animals. Duncan is feeding his rat some chesses while Courtney puts a Leash on tbe which roars at the sight of Duncan, Courtney then complains why Chris called her the least favourite camper which she said was the reason for getting the bear, Duncan Offers her help but she stated she has always lead and won everything and won't need his help, Meanwhile Heather who is tryign to train her Woodpecker hears Beth in the buses nerby, Beth said that she wanted to hang out with her and Lindsay since her only friend Bridgette is gone, Heather then tells her to Ditch the Raccon and help her with the woodpecker and if Heather wins she will let her join the Alliance bettween her and Lindsay, Meanwhile Izzy appears from the trees where Leshawna is a ask if her Loon could eat her ladybug which Leshawna dissagress with, Izzy then explained about trying to teach the loon to fly and maybe create an underground Loon fighting club and then goes off, Meanwhile Harold helps Gwen get the skunk spray of her with tomato sauce Thought she thanks him she then goes off, After two minutes Judging time began where Chris inform them that they will be locked in the cage with their partner's animal and will be judge on how it's behavior, Cody was first and was locked in a cage with Trent's Chamleon While Trent was locked with Codys frog, But Cody forgot to train it and attacked Trent thus giving the gohper's one point, Beth was the next bass up and she was in the cage with Heather's woodpecker, But because of Heather instructing Beth to train her Woodpecker for her instead of her own pet the Raccon attacked Heather Giving the Gohper's a second point, Izzy was then locked with Leshawna's Labybug, Izzy stated she taugh her Loon boxing however the Loon does not attack Leshawan and Izzy insults it the Loon but the Ladybug then attacks Izzy which Gives the Killer Bass one point, Harold and Gwen where up next, Harold had taught his Parrot to repeat what it said which annoyed Gwen a lot, While Harold was skunk sprayed which lead to niether team getting a point, last Duncan and Courtney were up, Courtney was locked with Duncan's Rat and Duncan was locked with Courtney's Bear, Courtney poked the rat which caused it to run away but right before Chris was about to tally it up the bear attacks Duncan and breaks the Cage Chef Trys to tranquilize it but his missed and hits Gwen instead the Bear escapes while the Killer Bass Lose the challenge Chris also declares Courtney as the biggest loser, At the Killer Bass Sixth Elimination Ceremony, Izzy is given the first marshemellow Followed by Harold, Duncan and Beth, Leaving Courtney and Cody in the bottom two, But to their shock Cody is given the final marshmellow, Courtney resfuse her elimination and is draged on the boat by Chef, Once Courtney gets on the boat of loser Duncan approaches her and admits his feelings for her as so does she they both then makeout Grossing Beth, Harold and Cody Leaving Only Five bass left against the Six Gohper's.

Lifestyle Of The Gitch And Fameless:

After wathcing a Commerical from Chris the teams are instructed to make their very own ad about the McLean brand underwear, Beth asked if she can hang out with Heather and Lindsay Which Duncan states that she was never a Memeber of the Killer Bass he said as she walked away sadly, Duncan said that they need a new leader after Courtney's Elimination last Challenge, Harold Volunteers but Cody laughs at his suggetion, Izzy nominates Duncan which Harold agress with while in the Confessional Harold and Cody talk about how they begin to hate each other, The Killer Bass went up first for judging time, Their Ad is of Izzy wearing the Mc-Lean underwear overshirt she then chartwheel attacks a group of cutout ninjas while Cody and Harold Praise the Underwear. During the Screaming Gohper's Commerical a Stage Light falls down ripping off Heather's Shirt reavling to be shirtless While the Both teams Laugh and Joked about it But it causes the Screaming Gopher's to win thus Sending the Killer Bass to the Campfire for the Sevneth time. Behind amphitheater Cody Worries that Harold is planning his elimination, Beth also Plans on Getting rid of Cody However Izzy States she was talking with the enemy, Beth responed about her bad acting made them lose, Izzy then pounces and attacks Beth while harold Punches Cody in teh chest causing him to fall while Duncan states his team is full of idoits. At the Campfire Ceremont Beth is given the first marshmellow Followed by Harold and Izzy, Leaving Cody and Duncan in the bottom two, Cody knew it was him going but Chris continues to wait While Harold begins to get second thoughts on votting cody because he and Duncan would be the only boys left and because of that Duncan is given the last marhsemellow eliminating Cody, Now there are only Four Member's Left.

Tidal Brave:

The Killer Bass wake up slowly as Beth yawns and Izzy's head hurts, Harold then walksoutside the cabin and falls into the Ocean, Beth then notice from the Window that the Cabin has been swept away by a flood and the camp is no where to be seen. Chris over the Inercom which is in the middle of the lake, Chris explains that todays challenge was changed due to the flood and that the teams must stay in their cabins and endure confinement in their cabins until there rescued, After the Four get back in their cabin someone knocks on the door whihc begins to Frighten Harold until it is kicked down reavling to be Heather ( Member of the Screaming Gohpers) She then annoyed them upon arriving causes Izzy to Yell and threaten to throw her off the boat if she doesnt follow the rules Which Heather had to agree to, Due to no Bathroom izzy just went in the ocean, After Beth tells Heather and Harold a stroy about her house, Duncan then Pantses Harold infront of the Girls causing them to laugh. But it gets out of control when Harold insults Duncan about his chance with Courtney causing them both to shove each other Beth tries to clam thing down, After a Massive Arguement Duncan quits role of team leader while Harold pushes him to the ground and storms off to the other side of the cabin unfortunaely for Him Heather tricks the other Bass memebers to turn on him which Izzy describes him as the BEAST!, Upon getting rescued Chris Declares teh Screamign Gophers as todays winner due to the Heated arguemnt bettween Duncan and Harold, At the Campfire Ceremony Izzy and Duncan are given the first two of the three remaing Marshmellow Leaving Beth and Harold in the Bottom two, and the Finnaly Marshmellow went to Beth, Harold Asked why he was votted of which Beth explained it was because Heather's, But then Duncan realised that Heather had tricked them. Harold then kicks Duncan in the nuts before he leaves.

After The Merges:

Following the Next Episode Chris declared the merges thus the Killer Bass were no More, However Only One member of the Killer bass won a merge challenge which was Izzy in A Player Paints One Hundred Thousand, Duncan was Eliminated in Brute Camp Because he was a threat and Beth was Eliminated in A Player Paints One Hundred Thousand Because Heather Kicked her off the Alliance, Leaving Izzy the only member of the Killer Bass in the Final Six, After Leshawana in was eliminated Up in Tri-Arms an RCMP Helicopter arrives and trys to arrest Izzy but She escapes but forcing her to be eliminated too after That every member of the Killer Bass had been Eliminated.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Owen Male 22nd 11th The Hunter Games The Killer Bass believe he is weighting the team Down.
Eva Female 20th 10th Forest Grumps She Threw the Team's berries to distract the Bear, Although it worked the Killer Bass had nothing to Eat for the Night.
Sadie Female 19th 9th Superstale Sadie Jumped of The Auditorium breaking a Part of the Stage and it did not help the team win.
Noah Male 16th 8th In Gwen We Trust Noah was Votted of due being Lazy and having Minimal Participation in the last two challenges.
Bridgette Female 14th 7th Hot Air Ba-loon For Poor Design of the Hot Air Ballon
Courtney Female 13th 6th Ladybug in the Camp Her Animal Partner (Bear) was to hard to control thus losing the challenge for her team.
Cody Male 12th 5th Lifestyles of the Gitch and Fameless Cody Was Votted off due to his Rivarly with Harold, But Regrets it after know that Duncan Will Know Focus on Him.
Harold Male 11th 4th Tidal Brave Heather convinced the Killer Bass to Eliminated him due to his Hidden Potential.
Duncan Male 9th 3rd Brute Camp He was a Strong Compeitor and was Votted off since he could not beat Lindsay in the first challenge.
Beth Female 8th 2nd A Player Paints One Hundred Thousand Only Beth, Heather and Lindsay were only allowed to Vote tonight and Beth Left Heather's Alliance thus the reason being Eliminated.
Izzy Female 5th 1st Up in Tri-Arms A RCMP Helicopter attempt to Arrest Izzy for ther past Crime, Izzy then had to Run away thus being Eliminated.

Killer Bass
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