Screaming Gophers
Team Amazon
Gender Male
Seasons competed 2
Episodes competed 26
Place in Camp Drama Fool's Gold
18th place
Place in Global Drama
4th place
Relationship Sierra
Bridgette (broken up)
Friends Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Heather, Sierra
Enemies Alejandro, Cody, Duncan, Sadie, Trent
Actor TdiAlex

Tyler, labeled The Wannabe Jock, is a contestant in Roleplay Reborn. He has competed in Camp Drama as a member of the Screaming Gophers and Global Drama as a member of Team Amazon.

Camp DramaEdit

Throughout the season, Tyler spends most of his time trying to prove himself to be an amazing athlete, only to constantly mess up as seen in Featherheads. In the end of Forest Grumps, Tyler privately confesses to Bridgette his feelings for her, which is secretly seen by Sadie, and later revealed to both teams by the end of Superstale and the beginning of Fool's Gold. This causes Tyler to lose the trust of his entire team and makes him desperate to redeem himself, but ultimately, his efforts are in vain and he is voted off later that night.

Global DramaEdit


Camp DramaEdit

Studio DramaEdit

Global DramaEdit


  • He and Bridgette are the only couple to never be on the same team.
  • Tyler is the only male on Team Amazon.
Eliminated from Camp Drama
Previous Episode Next
Sadie Fool's Gold DJ
Eliminated from Global Drama
Previous Episode Next
Geoff Mexico Sierra
Screaming Gophers
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Team Amazon
Courtney | Gwen | Heather | Sierra | Tyler

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